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Coffee Club

Whether it’s a celebration, a Sunday breakfast session, coffee with work mates or a break from shopping, we have you covered. Our baristas serve up our excellent blend of coffee and our waiters deliver your familiar favourites and our newest creations directly from the kitchen. No trick questions when The Coffee Club is always the answer Read More >

Essential Coffee Group

Established in Australia in 2001, Essential Coffee Group leads the market in the supply of premium European Coffee Systems. Now in the UAE, ECG, will supply the same quality products and consumables to the local market. With over 16,000 systems placed, the groups focus is to be "all things coffee and the some". Read More >

Food Source International

Food Source International (FSI) is a Dubai based food import, export, marketing and Distribution Company dedicated to sourcing and selling premium quality food products for the hospitality industry in the UAE and throughout the region. Food Source International was founded in January 2005 and has since established itself as a reliable distributor of premium Meat products, Seafood, Cheeses and Chocolate.   Read More >

Meat and Livestock Australia

Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd (MLA) is a producer-owned, not-for-profit organisation that delivers research, development and marketing services to Australia's red meat industry. Read More >